Association of Khabarovsk Fishermen stepping up selling power in Moscow

March 4, 2008 16:11

Association of Khabarovsk Fishermen uniting more than 70 businesses based in the region is consolidating its distribution power in Russia's European part. In line with this objective the Association has joined forces with other business interests establishing ARKh Group of Companies in Moscow to be engaged in wholesale trade of high quality seafood meant for the domestic market, according to a spokesman of the company.

With a total fleet of more than 30 vessels of various types equipped for trawl, trap and longline fishing operations members of the Association harvest finfish species such as salmon, herring, Alaska pollock, etc. and shellfish/mollusks such as crabs, scallops, whelks, etc. in the seas of the Russian Far East and in the Asian-Pacific region. Thanks to own fishing and processing facilities the Association can supply chilled and frozen finfish, shellfish and mollusks, ready-to-eat fish products and canned fish to the Russian market.

The Association of Khabarovsk Fishermen unites such companies as OOO Taifun (ltd, Sovetskaya Gavan town), OOO Vega (ltd, Novaya Inya village), OOO Meridian (ltd, Ayan village), OOO Uschan (ltd, Okhotsk village), OOO Khabarovskrybservis (ltd, Khabarovsk city).

High development rates, improvement of business processes and high skills of its staff have enabled the newborn Moscow group to become a reliable supplier of freshfrozen finfish, shellfish, mollusks and delicatessen products to the domestic market.

The group's current assets include:

  • a modern factory producing delicatessen crab items with the product range varying from cooked and frozen crab to canned crab;
  • a fishing and processing company producing shrimps, scallops, whelks, trepang, etc.;
  • fishing companies;
  • a transport and logistics company, etc.

Nowadays the group is completing construction of functional infrastructure including purchases, sales and logistics subdivisions. The group's specialists have been in active cooperation with large regional distribution companies in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Ryazan and Kaliningrad.

As the structure of small wholesale and retail market has been changing, the group has focused on every-day supplies of chilled and frozen products to large retail chains of Moscow and the surrounding region and Nizhny Novgorod.

The group has been actively cooperating with Russian fishing companies, supplying a wide range of finfish and other aquatic products from the Russian Far East, North and West Basins. Besides, it has been also working to establish relations with seafood suppliers from Norway, Scotland, the USA, Canada, African countries, Latin countries, Asia and the EU.

In the near future the group plans to expand its product range up to more than 50 items of freshfrozen seafood also via supplies of fish products from Murmansk and Kaliningrad as well as from foreign partners.

Currently the group supplies salmons (Arctic char, pink salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, chinook salmon, sockeye salmon), sprat, smelt, Atka mackerel, cod, Alaska pollock, capelin, wachna cod, saithe, saury, Baltic herring, herring, mackerel, freshwater finfish species such as roach, bream, pike and pike perch etc., squid, crabs, shrimps, sea scallops, whelks and other aquatic species. Along with the above, the group trades in grained salmon canned and in bulk, salted caviar, canned fish, chilled and frozen fish.

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