Assets of major Saint Petersburg cannery growing

May 15, 2007 12:21

The assets of Saint Petersburg-based Pischevik fish combine grew by 28% from RUR160,985,000 in the fourth quarter 2006 to RUR206,153,000 in the first quarter 2007, according to the company. A rise of the firm's assets was achieved thanks to growing inventory holdings and accounts receivable.

OAO Rybokombinat Pischevik (plc) was established by the municipal property committee under the city administration of Saint Petersburg in 1992 by means of reorganization of the same called company owned by the state into a public limited corporation. The combine produces canned fish and marinated preserves from finfish and other aquatic species and it also manufactures cans.

The combine's nominal capital amounts to RUR195,680 and it is broken into 78,272 nominal shares with a face value of RUR2.5 each.

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