ASP reserving comment on latest report on fishery

February 25, 2011 17:21

The Association of Seafood Producers says it will take its time before responding to the latest report on the province's troubled fishery, reports with reference to Association of Seafood Producers.

In a media release today in response to government issuing the report of the chair of the MOU steering committee, ASP Executive Director Derek Butler said the Association is reviewing it and will not be commenting until members throughout the province have had a chance to review.

"It's only appropriate, after some 20 months of work and input in this MOU exercise, that we take the appropriate time to consider and read the report, before we make comments on it," said Butler.

The report stems from the MOU signed by government, the FFAW and ASP in July 2009, after a prolonged shutdown in the shrimp fishery, and committed the signatories to seeking solutions to longstanding problems in the fishery stemming from structural issues, overcapacity, policy, and marketing.

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