Archangelsk Trawler Fleet establishing business connections with Vietnam

October 2, 2006 12:53

General Director of OAO Archangelsk Trawler Fleet (plc) Yuri Nikulin paid a business visit to Vietnam as a member of Russia’s official delegation, according to IA Dvina-Inform.

The visit was aimed at conducting a meeting of the Russian-Vietnamese government commission on trade and research cooperation. The leader of ATF (the biggest whitefish quota holder in the region) was included into the delegation by the Russian state property organization Rosimuschestvo as a member of the Board of the Russian-Vietnamese mariculture company Seaprimfico.

The visit is expected to be instrumental in establishing a cooperation of Archangelsk Trawler Fleet with Vietnamese fishing and fish processing companies.

According to deputy general director of ATF Viktor Loschevsky, trade relations with Vietnamese colleagues are quite possible and the move would be sensible taking into account ATF’s current plans of diversifying its market further from the Northwest Russia only.

ATF is a public limited company wholly owned by the Russian government. It may be put up for sale to private investors in 2007.

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