Trout farm in Sochi privatized through auction

January 19, 2021 15:30

Rosimushchestvo, within the framework of the privatization of state property, sold 100% of the shares of the Adler pedigree trout farm. The transaction amount exceeded RUB 539 million with a starting price of 513.4 million rubles. Only two bids were submitted for the auction, with Yug-Businesspartner becoming the winner, reports

The enterprise occupies more than 80 hectares of land, on which there are 131 ponds for raising fish species and about 30 real estate objects. The plant produces 500 to 700 tons of fish products per year and, according to its reports, is one of the largest in Russia, including production of fish fries. The trout farm is also one of the most popular tourist sites in Sochi: excursions, tastings, and commercial fishing tours are organized there.

The Adler pedigree trout farm is the only farm in Russia that owns a collection of the most common species of trout: Kamloops, Donaldson and steelhead salmon, says the company website. In addition, two proprietary species of rainbow trout - Adler and Adler Amber are produced at the farm. Since 1998, the Black Sea salmon Kumzha has been raised here, and the plant is also engaged in growing and selling sturgeon. One of the conditions for the enterprise transfer into private hands was the preservation of its profile and staff for 10 years and a ban on the alienation of shares and real estate.

According to, Yug-Businesspartner LLC was registered in Krasnodar in 2009. The company is engaged in the provision of various services. The beneficiary (99.01% of the shares) is Nodaway Ltd., registered in Saint Kitts and Nevis. In 2019, Yug-Businesspartner's revenue amounted to RUB 10.87 billion, net profit - RUB 15 million. It owns 100% each in the companies Yalta-Park, Krasnodar-Park, Sochi-Park, and Gorki Park. Until 2016, the company also owned the Pavlovsky agricultural complex, until the end of 2015 - the Crimean grain complex, which then passed to the Agrocomplex named after Tkachev.

According to Kommersant-Kuban, one of the five members of the Sochi-Park board is Roman Batalov - Deputy General Director for Prospective Development of Agrocomplex named after Tkachev, son-in-law of the board chairman of the agricultural holding, the former governor of the Krasnodar krai and the ex-Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev. It is said that the trout breeding plant has been transferred to Tkachev family. Now "Agrocomplex", among other things, is engaged in the cultivation of mussels and oysters in the Tuapse region of the Krasnodar krai.

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