The Chinese company is ready to invest 15 billion rubles in Primorye aquaculture

The Vice-governor of Primorskiy territory Sergey Nekhayev met the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wen Lian Aquaculture Сo., Ltd.  Qiu Laizhong. The parties discussed the perspectives of investment cooperation in the spheres of aquaculture and tourism.

The conception of TAEG “Russkiy Island” establishment, elaborated by the administration of Primorye, assumes as well  development of the off-shore strip. The Vice-governor marked that this TAEG is considered to be one of the most perspective.

 “According to our assessment, this TAEG may become the most perspective one. Currently we are elaborating the conception along with communicating with potential investors – the future residents of the zone. The same work is being done on the first two TAEGs – “Nadezhdinskaya” and “Mikhailovskaya”, where we are already aware of anchor investors. Therefore in frames of elaboration of the projects of “Russkiy Island” TAEG we are ready to consider your project,” – Sergey Nekhayev addressed to the representative of the company.

Qiu Laizhong underlined that the company is ready to take part in implementation of the project of a maritime bio-research park within this TAEG and invest 15 billion rubles in 5 years. 

 “We are dealing with aquaculture for a long time. We have been working in Russia for four years already therefore we are so interested in your project. We plan to breed baby trepangs and scallops. We hope that you will support us and will be able to provide us with information about the process of elaboration of the TAEG conception and conditions of investors’ participation on the timely basis, than our joint work will be going faster. We would like to become the first resident of this TAEG”, -  Qiu Laizhong stressed.

The Vice-governor told the Chinese counterparts about other perspective projects of the region. In particular, they talked about the integrated entertaining and resort zone and Vladivostok Free Port, which, according to Sergey Nekhayev, will let not only form a tourist sphere in the region but turn Primorye into the tourist hub.

 “This tourist hub would accumulate tourists from APR countries – they would spend some time here and then leave to the other parts of Russia using the package tours. An vice versa – we could accumulate tourists from the western and European parts of Russia and direct these flows to the Asia-Pacific countries. The numbers of 10-12 million of tourists, announced by the head of Primorye, is realistic. We intend to reach these numbers and make it not only thanks to the infrastructure but with more liberal legislation”, - he marked.  

It is underlined that “Russkiy Island” TAEG may become a point of tourist concentration. At the recent interregional meeting with the head of Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation they discussed an idea of construction of mooring walls on the island for the “Princess” class and other vessels.

 “The island could become a place of concentration tourists who arrive by the sea. According to the assessment conducted by Federal Agency for Tourism, the total number of tourists lost without such infrastructure constitutes about 2 million people a year. Currently we are negotiating with several potential investors about concluding a concession agreement based on state-private partnership for construction of the mooring wall and a marine passenger terminal where some tourist zones could be located – shopping malls and restaurants. The government is ready to undertake the issues of road and engineering infrastructure construction. We are looking for investors who could take upon the construction itself”, - the vice-governor said.

Qiu Laizhong underlined that the company is interested in development of tourist business as well therefore they will look through each project very attentively. Sergey Nekhayev invited the representatives of Chinese delegation to take part in the Eastern Economic Forum that will be conducted in Primorye this September.

For reference. The holding group of companies Wen Lian Aquacultural Co., LTD. from Liaoning province (Dalian, PRC) was dealing with breeding, processing and realization of mariculture at the domestic market of China and other countries for 30 years. The annual sales of the group of companies overlaps 500 million dollars, the annual volume of the breeded mariculture us more than 300 thousand tons.

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