Second largest Atlantic salmon producer moves forward with ARCTIC SALMON brand

February 11, 2021 10:03

Russian Salmon LLC, the country’s second largest salmon farmer is back on the market after the big loss of fish due to disease in 2015, reports

The company says it is working in partnership with Trading House “Baltic Coast” LLC which is in charge of processing and marketing of the farmed salmon. The product range includes chilled whole gutted as well as frozen and value-added Atlantic salmon products. The latter is marketed under the ARCTIC SALMON brand covering frozen gutted salmon, steaks, vacuum-packed frozen and chilled fillets, mild salted and cold smoked fillets.

The company "Russian Salmon" was founded in 2005 in the village of Liinahamari (Murmansk region), It was the first to start growing Atlantic salmon on an industrial scale in the Pechenga and Ambarnaya bays of the Barents Sea.

Since 2010, the company delivered to the Russian market more than 44 thousand tons of Atlantic salmon grown in the waters of the Pechenga Bay.

At the moment, Russian Salmon LLC has 10 licenses for water areas, which will allow to grow more than 30 thousand tons of salmon annually.

The processing cycle from the catch of live fish to the finished product does not exceed 8 hours, the chilled fish being packed in styrofoam containers and mixed with scaly ice. For its preparation, the water is subjected to microbiological UV purification and ozone treatment, allowing to completely eliminate the microbiological spoilage of chilled fish.

Thanks to these processing technologies and preparation for transportation and storage, chilled salmon has temperature in the flesh of no more than+2°C, and on the surface of 0°C and has a longer shelf life of 17 days under storage conditions from minus 5°C to 0°C.

With the built-up logistics system, it takes 2 days at the utmost to ship chilled salmon to St. Petersburg and no more than 3 days to Moscow.

Courtesy of Baltic Coast

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