Russia’s first shrimp producer expects to export next year

January 19, 2021 15:32

Russia’s first and largest producer of white-legged shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Ellas plans to begin deliveries to Europe and Asia in 2021 as well as to supply stocking material to other regions of the country, reports

"We are not yet exporting, but there is potential: Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland as well. Working on these countries directly, - head of the company Alexander Shubayev said. - We are now working on the technology and documents, logistics. Hopefully in the near future we will get the first export contract".

According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture, some 200 tons of finished products are planned to be grown in Crimea in 2021. "The unique Crimean climate, combined with the professionalism and perseverance of the company managers and employees, offers excellent chances for the dynamic aquaculture industry development in the Republic. Also, there is a high export potential for “Crimean Partisan Fishery Kolkhoz" agricultural operator which operates under the "Ellas" trademark.  Recirculating aquaculture system adds value to them", - Crimean Vice Price Minister-Republic’s Minister of Agriculture Andrey Ryumshin said.

He also pointed out that when the plant enters production capacity it will be possible to supply planting material for further commercial cultivation both to Crimean enterprises and to other regions. "There are no analogues to such an enterprise in Russia or even in Europe. Shrimp are grown in open water cisterns in accordance with organic production rules", - Ryumshin said.

In 2019, the first in Russia industrial shrimp harvest of 125 tons was produced at "Crimean Partisan Fishery Kolkhoz" ponds in the Northern Crimea area.  Previously, a maximum of 2 tons was collected on farms in other regions. In 2020, the company launched the first shrimp-breeding incubator in Europe and purchased a broodstock, which became the basis of the 2020 and 2021 harvests.

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