Marine Harvest salmon even healthier

Marine Harvest has entered into an agreement with FF Skagen to clean all relevant fish oil used for Marine Harvest salmon farming, according to MH. Cleaning of fish oils removes environmental pollutants, and should make intake limitations for salmon redundant. This sort of cleaning is not currently being carried in production of salmon feed and will be a differentiator for Marine Harvest.

 - This is a major step in the strategy of Marine Harvest becoming a fully integrated protein producer, able to follow and control all ingredients from our fish feed to the consumers plate. We want to use our position to ensure top quality and confidence in the product all the way. From time to time the discussion of how many salmon meals the consumer should and could eat pops up in media. We recognize that such debates can confuse the consumer. Our aim with the cleaning of fish oil is to remove all doubts regarding salmon intake. The result is that Marine Harvest salmon becomes even healthier, says CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog.

-We at FF Skagen are proud to be a part of securing even healthier salmon than before, as we enter in to agreement with Marine Harvest to deliver cleaned fish oils to their new production of fish feed, says CEO of FF Skagen Johannes Palsson.

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