Marine harvest calls for labeling of genetically modified salmon

December 5, 2013 15:57

Currently, there is an ongoing debate in the US on the introduction of genetically modified transgenic salmon. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received an application for approval of GM salmon for human consumption in the US. If authorization is granted, it will be the first genetically modified animal allowed sold to consumers, according to Marine Harvest.

 With the existing labeling regime, it will be impossible for the consumers to know whether the salmon they are buying is genetically modified. Marine Harvest Group and WWF-Norway believe that consumers should be able to identify if they are buying a GM-product, and therefore demand that the GM salmon is labeled if approved for the American market.

 - Salmon is established as a healthy, safe and tasty product. A possible introduction of GM salmon is controversial and might weaken the salmon brand. Marine Harvest does not support the introduction of GM salmon. If the GM salmon is to be approved for consumption, Marine Harvest asks for it to be specifically labeled, says Kristine Gramstad, Global Director Communications.       

- It is critical that salmon farming is produced in a way that minimize the negative impact on the environment. We know too little about the environmental impact of farming of GM salmon. ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) is a certification program for responsible aquaculture and is the most comprehensive environmental standard that exists for farmed fish. GM salmon cannot be ASC-certified, as transgenic fish are not permitted because of concerns about their unknown impact on wild, says the Head of the marine program at WWF-Norway Karoline Andaur.

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