Innovative fish harvesting system for aquaculture and processing sectors on display at Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo - from Sea to Plate

An innovative new welfare-friendly and humane fish harvesting system is likely to prove a focal point of interest for fish farmers and seafood processors visiting the forthcoming ‘Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo - from Sea to Plate' that will be staged in Glasgow, Scotland, in March 2012, reports

The precision SI-7 C combination stunner and bleeder from Seafood Innovations International Group stuns and bleeds fish in a carefully controlled manner that minimises stress and ensures optimum quality fish.

The SI-7 is a new generation of pneumatic stunning and bleeding machines that are controlled electronically. The SI-7 is engineered to allow a number of simple modules to lock together for operation or separate for cleaning, servicing and routine maintenance.

Stephen Willoughby of Seafood Innovations says: "The SI-7 can be used together with our unique automatic swim-in fish delivery system that utilises instinctive fish behaviour to provide efficient, automated, and humane fish stunning and bleeding

"This results in optimal flesh quality due to reduced lactic acid levels and ensures longer pre-rigor, which improves processing efficiency. We will have the equipment on display at the Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo, and we look forward to meeting with fish farmers and processors."

Fran McIntyre, managing director of show organiser QD Events, said: "We have broadened the scope of this year's expo to include processing, seafood and aquaculture in recognition of the increasing integration between the various fish industry sectors. We are delighted that Seafood Innovations will be attending the show, which will provide a great opportunity to show the industry their innovative harvesting equipment."

As well as the comprehensive stand displays, the social side of the show is also being seen as a very important element and some fantastic retail, leisure hotel and travel deals have been arranged for exhibitors and visitors.

"The Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Show - from Sea to Plate" will take place from 22 to 24 March 2012 at the SECC, Glasgow, from 10am to 5pm Thursday & Friday, and 10am to 4pm Saturday. More details

If you would like to get involved in "The Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo - from Sea to Plate", please contact Jill Wadge on +44 (0)141 576 3247 or

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