Foreign Investors may be allowed to privatize Sakhalin's Salmon Ranching Stations

September 17, 2012 17:46

With Russia's accession to WTO in place foreign Investors may be allowed to take part in the proposed privatization of Sakhalin's Salmon Ranching Stations, reports with reference to Sakhalin Governor Alexander Khoroshavin quoted by Sakhalin Media.

Speaking at a mid-September press-conference Governor Khoroshavin has called for privatization of some 17 government-owned ranching stations as good for the region's economy. The region already has about 20 private-owned salmon ranching plants and local businessmen are prepared to invest further into this activity.

The issue has surfaced in connection with the Federal Program allocating RR2 billion (ca. $65 million) into building more ranching facilities in the area. However the private operators have asked the government to spend the funds on roads and infrastructure while business would build salmon ranching stations.

The proposal has met with positive response and a partnership of government and private interests is emerging to help develop Sakhalin wild salmon stocks.

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