First complete cage-farm for 15 000 tonne rainbow trout complex in China

December 5, 2013 15:47

AKVA group and its distributor Sinor AS, have secured a 23,4 MNOK contract with DunAn Longyangxia for delivery of a complete cage farm in a hydro dam reservoir near Xining, central China, according to AKVA group ASA.

The delivery will take place during the first half of 2014 and includes state-of-the-art cage farming technology developed by AKVA in the salmon industry, such as Polarcirkel cages, mooring systems, nets, feed barge, camera system, environmental sensor system and Fishtalk production control software. The large 383 square kilometer reservoir is 2575m above sea level and has water temperatures and climate very suitable for DunAn's production of rainbow trout. This is the first of 5 farms planned for this area, providing DunAn with a total production capacity of around 15,000 tons per year.

 This is the first major contract for a complete cage farm in China and therefore a breakthrough for AKVA group and its industrial aquaculture technology. Together with Sinor AS, our close partner for this customer in China, we have worked hard to secure this contract for several years and are of course honored that DunAn finally chose us as their aquaculture technology partner for this first large scale farming project, says Trond Severinsen, COO - Export at AKVA group. Thereby being the first company in China to move from more traditional to modern industrial cage farming technology from Norway.

 Morten Tangen, CEO at Sinor, adds; our company has a 20 year long history introducing Norwegian products into China. During the last 3-4 years we have seen good opportunities coming for introducing advanced aquaculture technology and competence to China, also including land based RAS technology, fish feed and genetic stock. With China's large volume output of aquaculture products at a relatively low value, the market offers significant opportunities in creating improved quality and margin in the total value chain by applying more advanced farming methods. We are therefore pleased to have connected AKVA group, the largest aquaculture technology partner, with the DunAn Group - a significant Chinese privately owned company. This company has built a solid strategic platform for diversifying its operation from other industry into the aquaculture industry.  This first contract signals the start for a long term investment program ensuring quality, volume, competitive pricing and closeness to major markets, concludes Mr. Tangen.

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