FAF to auction lucrative sites for marine culture in Russian Far East

April 16, 2021 08:52

Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) has put up for electronic auctions five large areas for marine culture off the coast of Primorsky Krai province (Capital Vladivostok), reports Megafishnet.com.

According to FAF, the starting prices will range from 4.8 million to 25.4 million rubles. Applications can be submitted until May 4.

All auctions are scheduled to be held on May 14 at the RTS-Tender website. The sites were created using the Internet service "Aquavostok" in a new way with attachment to the adjacent coastal strip. All water areas are provided on the rights of separate water exploitation for 25 years.

The cheapest site has a starting price of 4.84 million rubles and an area of 502 hectares. The water area is located in the bay of Novgorod. Another marine culture location in this bay is offered at an initial cost of 8.93 million rubles. This site covers 928 hectares.

The remaining sections are located in the Expedition Bay. One of them has an area of 1,511 hectares and an initial price of 14.55 million rubles. The other one occupies 2,636 hectares initially valued at 25.38 million rubles, respectively.

The third site in the Expedition Bay with an area of 620 hectares is put up for auction at a starting price of 5.97 million rubles.

Roman Vityazev, Chairman of the Far Eastern Union of Aquaculture Enterprises, noted that the announced auctions will allow putting into circulation large areas of land for the implementation of serious investment projects. He stressed that the sites put up for auction are highly productive. They are great for growing sea cucumbers, oysters, mussels, Japanese scallops, and shrimp.

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