Cermaq: Possible PD-infection at a Mainstream farming site in Finnmark

Mainstream Norway has detected SAV virus in fish at the farming site Tuvan in Langefjorden, Finnmark, and is consequently suspecting PD at this site, according to Cermaq ASA.

The Norwegian Food Authority and the other farming companies in the region have been informed about the situation. The site is quarantined. Mainstream is now in close cooperation with the Food Authorities developing a plan for harvesting of the site.

The Tuvan site contains approximately 580,000 fish. The fish has an average weight of 2 kg, and harvest was originally planned for third quarter 2013. The harvest of biomass at the Tuvan site is only expected to have limited financial impact.

Mainstream's two farming sites in Langfjorden, Tuvan and Rivarbukt, have been subject to comprehensive controls after SAV virus was detected in the fish at the neighbouring site Ytre Kloven in August 2012. It has not been registered SAV in the biomass at Rivarbukt. The control of the fish at the Rivarbukt site will continue.


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