Big leap for Russian marine culture output

March 26, 2021 08:56

The Russian marine culture made a big leap in 2020, reports

According to the Federal Agency for Fishery, last year the marine culture production jumped by 57.7% to 51,15 KT from 32.42 KT in 2019.

The largest increase was recorded at the farms of the Russian Far East growing by 60.9% to 48.97 thousand metric tons compared to 30.43 thousand tons in 2019. The volume of production in the Southern Federal District increased by 9.8% to 2.17 KT.

Production growth of 97% up to 20.83 thousand tons was recorded in the production of kelp. Live scallops surged by 41.9% to 16.37 thousand tons, sea cucumbers- by 31.5% to 4.8 thousand tons, other live oysters increased by 35.2% to 3.58 thousand tons, live mussels-by 64.4% to 3.24 thousand tons, live sea urchins-by 36.6% to 1.44 thousand tons.

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