Big comeback continues for Russian Salmon Company

April 30, 2021 01:00

In 2021, the Russian Salmon LLC, the nation’s second largest producer of Atlantic salmon, has joined the list of exhibitors at SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA exhibition, as after the big loss of fish in 2015 the giant is restocking its farms in a big way again, reports

According to RUSFISHEXPO, the Russian Salmon currently owns 19 workboats, a well boat and 4 modern feed distribution platforms. For salmon farming, the company has installed the latest generation of cage systems, which has had a positive impact on the efficiency of cultivation.

As part of the 2020 program, the company's fish farms were stocked with 3.7 million Atlantic salmon juveniles. The company has 10 licenses for water areas, which allows it to grow more than 30 thousand tons of salmon annually.

The logistics system in place with the enterprise allows to ensure the minimum delivery time of chilled salmon to the Russian market taking no more than 1 day to St. Petersburg and no more than 2 days to Moscow.

In addition to chilled salmon, the company produces the ARCTIC SALMON line – chilled and frozen salmon fillet, salted and smoked fillet (also available in frozen form), frozen salmon gutted head-on. Its advantages are the complete absence of antibiotics, preservatives and GMOs - sea salt is used for salting, and smoking is carried out on alder chips. The production cycle of processing from the moment of catching live fish to the finished product does not exceed 8 hours. 

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