Arctic smolt plant project beefed up by government funding

February 4, 2021 14:14

The smolt plant to be constructed by the Russian Sea-Aquaculture company has been put on the list of the Arctic Zone’s investment projects entitled to government support, reports

The facility is designed to produce stocking material for salmon and trout farms thus reducing massive dependence on juveniles import.

The project is to be completed within 2021-2024.

It includes RAS hatchery for the production of salmon and trout juveniles on a scale of up to 7 million individuals per year.

The order on the implementation of six major investment projects in the Arctic zone was signed by the head of the Government Mikhail Mishustin. All of them may claim an irrevocable state subsidy of up to 20% of the invested amount.

The funds can be spent on creating new infrastructure for the industrial facilities.

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