Aquaculture sites distribution by electronic auction set for expansion

December 13, 2020 20:08

The Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic has submitted for discussion a draft government decree that would extend the successful experience of the Russian Far East in the formation and distribution of aquaculture sites to the North Fisheries Basin, reports

The corresponding document is published on the portal of draft normative legal acts of the Federal Government.

The thing is that in the Russian Far East the sites are distributed by electronic auction from online   database of the marine sites available for aquaculture thus helping avoid unfair practices.

According to an explanatory note, since the launch of the dedicated internet resource 75 aquaculture sites with a total area of about 15.5 thousand hectares were provided for use to the fish farmers. The auctions have also generated more than RUR 330 million (ca. $ 4.5 million) for the Budget significantly exceeding the initial offer level of RUR150 million (ca. $.2 million).

The draft also proposes to reduce the minimum allowable size of a marine culture site from 100 ha to 25 ha.

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