Aquaculture production in the Primorye increased by almost 1.7 times

January 19, 2021 15:34

Almost 50 thousand tons of aquaculture products are grown in «sea gardens» in Primorye. State support allows enterprises to modernize equipment and increase production capacity, reports

More than 100 aquaculture enterprises cultivate scallops, sea cucumbers, oysters and kelp on 73.3 thousand hectares of fish-farming sites.

Aquaculture production increased almost 1.7 times over last year, to 47.7 thousand tons in nine months. Of these, scallops - 15,600 tons, sea cucumber - 4,500 tons, mussels - 2,000 tons, oysters - 2,000 tons, 1,300 tons of sea urchins and almost 20,800 tons of kelp. Freshwater fish production of 155 tons (sazan, amur, carp and sturgeon) was also achieved.

Enterprises increase production capacity using State support. This year they received 7.9 million rubles to be used for CapEx and investment loans partial reimbursement.

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