Aller Aqua Group builds new factory in Zambia

April 1, 2016 09:42

Aller Aqua Group by Christiansfeld in Denmark is one of Europe’s largest producers of environmentally friendly fish feed. The company now takes further measures in their proactive growth strategy by building a new factory in Zambia, reports with reference to the Group.

One year ago Aller Aqua’s new factory in Egypt was inaugurated, and the company has now decided to build another factory on the African continent, which plays a large part in the company’s growth strategy.

Aller Aqua has partnered with Yalelo Limited as a  key client.  Yalelo has grown quickly to become one of the world’s leading tilapia aquaculture firms.  Alongside the construction of Aller Aqua’s Zambian fish feed factory,  Yalelo has commenced an expansion project to increase production to 20.000-30.000 tons of Tilapia within the next few years.

The new company and factory will be called Aller Aqua Zambia Limited, and will be the largest and most modern of its kind in Africa. It will have a capacity of 50.000 tons of feed per year, and the investment is approximately 10 million USD, explains Henrik Halken, Group Vice President, who is responsible for the company’s activities on the African continent.

Both companies see great prospects in the collaboration. It will ensure Yalelo access to the best feed on the market – and thus enable the company’s continued growth.

To Aller Aqua Group, Yalelo’s offtake provides commercial security. This enables a larger initial investment in building a world-class fish feed factory from inception.

The fish feed factory gives Aller Aqua a great basis for expansion in Zambia, a country which aims to be self-sufficient with farmed fish – but also able to export to neighboring countries such as: Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania and Congo.

“The factory will be situated near the town Siavonga, on the shore of Lake Kariba, and is expected to be ready mid-2017, provided that the final commitments and permits are given from various authorities and institutions as expected” says Henrik Halken.

The market is expanding, and so is Aller Aqua Group

Demand for affordable protein is growing quickly in Africa, which is one of the world’s fastest growing regions by both population and income.  Aquaculture is expected to play a significant role in African food security and lakes such as Kariba, Victoria and Volta offer high potential.

Today half of the fish consumed worldwide are farmed.  Fish farming is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of producing protein for a growing population.

“With the great potential in Africa it is important that we are present. Aller Aqua needs to make the most of the momentum we have created over the last few years. We have experienced significant growth in Egypt in 2015 and created two new sales subsidiaries in both Kenya and Nigeria, both of which contribute positively to the company’s growth. The feed for these two markets comes from our European factories and contribute positively here.  In Zambia and the region we plan to replicate our experience of supporting smallholder fish farmers through training in the use of more efficient commercial fish feeds.

With the new factory in Zambia Aller Aqua Group will consolidate its position as the largest producer of environmentally friendlyextruded fish feed in Africa” states Henrik Halken.

Another new factory - in China

Since Aller Aqua began producing fish feed 50 years ago, we have experienced constant growth. Besides the factory in Christiansfeld, a factory was built in Poland in 2001, in Germany in 2007 and the new factory in Egypt was inaugurated in 2015.

Hans-Erik Bylling, majority shareholder and CEO in Aller Aqua Group explains: “The company today export fish feed for approximately 50 countries worldwide.

We recently launched a new growth strategy in Aller Aqua, which should form the basis of further growth in the coming years – investments in new factories in growing markets are a big part of this strategy.

Therefore we have started excavation works for a new factory in Qingdao, China, which should be ready late 2016.

We are busy at the moment, but excited about the positive development in Aller Aqua and that we, together with our dedicated employees, can take advantage of our great potential.”

For further information please contact: Henrik Halken, Group Vice President, Aller Aqua Group, tel. +45 40333568


Aller Aqua Group is a Danish group with headquarters in Christiansfeld. The company produces fish feed for more than 50 countries worldwide in factories in Denmark, Poland, Germany and Egypt. In the factory in Germany we further produce protein of vegetable raw materials, such as peas and beans. All in all the company employs approximately 270 people, and has a total turnover in the region of 1 billion DKK.

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