Ukraine will teach Estonia to farm sturgeon and carp

October 11, 2011 15:51

Ukrainian fish farming experts are ready to share their expertise in sturgeon and carp culture with their Estonian colleagues, reports

The Ukrainian hatcheries annually release ca.2 million young sturgeons into natural habitat. The country has got a serious scientific base in sturgeon farming and the nation's aquaculture plans have succeeded in ranching sturgeons to the size needed for commodity caviar production. If Estonia uses the Ukrainian know-how, the Baltic country will have own black caviar in some 7-8 years.

The sides have already agreed to launch a pilot project on sturgeon farming in Estonia. The project will most probably be implemented at one of currently functioning aquaculture plants and the Estonian side will decide which production volumes it will target.


The Ukraine has also obtained good experience in carp farming. Its scientists have even cultured a new carp species called the Ukrainian carp which is more frugal and resistant to diseases and climatic changes and quickly gains weight.

The EU supports several Ukrainian programs, of them is the Law on Aquaculture which is being developed by the Ukrainian government and yet to go through FAO's examination.


On its part Estonia is going to boost its traditional export of Baltic herring and sprat and canned seafood to the Ukraine as the latter strongly heads for integration with Europe.

Besides, Estonia has developed high-tech vessel monitoring systems which it could share with the Ukraine.

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