Production continues but sales and liquidity are still a challenge

April 16, 2020 17:07

The aquafeed producer BioMar states that the measures taken across Europe to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 have had no negative consequences on feed production and deliveries from their production facilities in Greece, Spain, France, Denmark (and Turkey).

For eel farmers in the Netherlands, sales have dropped by nearly 40% or even more for some farmers since the COVID-19 outbreak. Traditionally, around 50% of eel sales is to the HoReCa segment. The steep drop in income may impact farmers ability to build up livestock for future harvest.

COVID-19 has hit the Greek seabass and seabream farming industry hard. Sales have decreased by 40%  since the COVID-19 outbreak, while companies more heavily exposed to the foodservice industry report declines by 60% to 90%. Lack of liquidity is becoming more and more intense, due to sales reduction and requests for extension of payments from wholesalers and retailers.

Source: EUMOFA
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