First aquaculture farm at Kamchatka to grow kelp, sea urchin and mussels

January 14, 2019 09:01

Kamchatka’ first aquaculture farm has been licenced to grow kelp, Pacific mussels and sea urchin in the Vilyuchinsk Bay (part of Avacha Bay) and the future farmers are now installing collector lines for the aquatic species. The project’s initiator is Avacha-tral Ltd, which has been engaged in fishing gear manufacture for twenty years and has decided to diversify into aquaculture and become the region’s pioneer in the sector, according to the company’s CEO Vladimir Rezvanov as quoted by

The project provides not only for construction of aquafarms, but also for processing of the harvest in cooperation with partner companies. Plans are underway to manufacture a wide range of products from food items to plant growth stimulators, cosmetics and biologically active additives. Besides, the project’s initiators believe that aqua farms can also become a destination point for tourists who wish to get acquainted with the process of marine culture production and learn about the flora and fauna of the coastal waters of Kamchatka.

When realising the project Avacha-tral has been actively using support measures granted to small and medium-sized businesses based in Kamchatka. In particular, the company has obtained bank loans on soft terms.  

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