Aquaculture advice in the Mediterranean

September 28, 2010 14:36

Nofima is the only Norwegian research institute represented in the EU project AquaMed, which aims to develop a joint European strategy for future R & D of aquaculture in the Mediterranean, reports with reference to NOFIMA.

The project is quite unique given that nearly all the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are represented in the group.

The group also comprises North African countries in the region, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, as well as countries in the Middle East zone, such as Israel and Lebanon.

The project management wanted to have the Norwegian research environment represented, and Nofima was chosen based on the institute's research profile as well as previous collaboration and coordination responsibility for the project SUSTAINAQ.

Nofima will participate in an advisory group comprising a coordinator and sub project managers.

The group will also ensure that other ongoing projects of relevance for aquaculture in the Mediterranean countries are connected for mutual benefit. The objective of the project is also to stimulate long-term collaboration and coordination between politicians, aquaculture industries and R & D organisations in the region.
Knowledge-based development

Sustainable development is of decisive importance for the aquaculture industry in the Mediterranean, particularly with a view to the environmental impact. The aquaculture industry in the region is of varying significance, and technology and markets are developed to varying degrees. This is also reflected in R & D environments and research facilities.

AquaMed aims to contribute to a knowledge-based development of the aquaculture industry with the different research environments collaborating on a joint strategy.

This collaboration will open for rationalising of research programmes to avoid repetition and segmentation, as well as allow for international coordination of R & D efforts.

The French research institute IFREMER is coordinating the project on behalf of the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisation (EFARO).

The AquaMed project is financed through the EU's Seventh Framework Programme.

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