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April 23, 2009 15:22

We are pleased to inform that we have just published the April issue of the Russian Fish Report. Subscribers are welcome to download it from http://www.fishnet-russia.com/issues/ For subscription details please visit http://www.fishnet-russia.com/services/ (how to subsribe is here http://www.fishnet-russia.com/subscribe/)

The issue's table of contents follows as below:

Russia outlines long-term goals for fish sector
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency working on improvement of availability of credits to nation's fishery industry
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency setting big targets for fleet renewal
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency to speed up modernization of fish port infrastructure
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency disclosing project for nationwide coldstore chain
Russian seafood processing sector gearing up for three billion ruble upgrade
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency to help improve transportation of seafood from fishing regions
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency stepping up stock policing in inland fisheries
Russian fishery industry grows in spite of crisis
Russian fishery head happy with catch results in 2008

Russian fish industry to spend RUB29 billion on upgrade of fishery, processing and cool chain
13 billion RUB project to help update cool chain for Russia's fishery industry
Russia's First Vice-PM setting targets for massive upgrade of fishery industry onshore infrastructure
New legislation to give big boost to Russian fishery industry
Russian seafood exporter succeeds with antitrust complaint against Ministry of Agriculture
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency opposing extension of vet controls to domestic products of wild fisheries
Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency preparing for salmon season
Russia approved new procedure of customs operations as to seafood transited via nation's customs border
Fishermen of Russian Far East complaining of administrative barriers
Russia and Norway discussed nations' cooperation in Barents Sea fisheries
Vladivostok fish port leads in total landings of seafood in the area
Agenda highlights progress of Russian-Korean fishery cooperation
Non-biodegradable netting ban not to affect needs of Russian fishing fleet
Vladivostok fish businesses to receive RUB1.5 billion in state support
Mandatory customs clearance of EEZ's catch also applicable to fish bait

Russian vet authorities simplifying seafood importation to border areas
Russian vets holding talks with Indian veterinary authority on seafood export to Russia
Nicaragua will supply seafood to Russia
Russian vets lifted restriction from Norwegian fish plant
Russian vets holding seafood safety talks with Denmark
Russian vets completed talks with China's administration for quality supervision, inspection and quarantine
Russian vets outlining prospects for resumption of seafood import from Bangladesh
Russian vets about import of fish, non-finfish products from Republic of Singapore to Russian Federation
Directive of Rosselkhoznadzor about lifting restrictions of seafood export from Chinese plants
Directive of Rosselkhoznadzor about temporary restrictions of seafood export from Indonesia and India to Russian Federation

Overview of Moscow's freshfrozen fish market as per third week of April 2009
Moscow's freshfrozen fish market witnessing increase of prices for pelagic species
Russia's freshfrozen fish market displaying some response to ruble appreciation
Moscow's freshfrozen fish market displaying mixed trends in late March 2009
Pelagics, pollock and pangasius emerging as chief news makers on Moscow's freshfrozen fish market as per third week of March 2009
Sakhalin to tap Russia's HoReCa market for seafood
Mark-ups in Russian multiples under scrutiny by antitrust authorities
Russian seafood export and import in January-February 2009
Belarusian seafood export and import statistics in January 2009
Rights for seafood import to Belarus prolonged
Latvia challenging increased import duties for canned fish in Ukraine
Ukraine's fishery industry statistics for 2008

Overview of seafood exports from the Russian Far East to February 2009
Outlook for Russian Far East fisheries in second quarter of 2009
Overview of fisheries in the Russian Far East as per 12 April 2009

Outlook for Russian fisheries in Murmansk-led North Basin in April 2009
Russian fisheries in North Atlantic and Central Eastern Atlantic in March 2009
Seafood harvest in Kaliningrad jumped almost by 50%
Russian fishery police to patrol waters around Spitsbergen

Russian Pollock Association boosting allocations of funds for investment into production assets development
Russian Sea added capelin roe to its caviar range
Russian meat and fish specialist expands cool chain with one more state-of-the-art distribution centre
Russia and America launching ambitious business project
Astrakhan canning combine expanding seafood range
Saint Petersburg seafood processor launched fish sausage
Russia's Celeste-labelled canned fish range updated
Ukraine launched sales of laminaria in new packaging
Kamchatka's biggest fishing co-op to be headed by new chairman
Russia's seafood processor launching new label
Popular Russian seafood label visually upgraded
Kaliningrad fish cannery launched premium class products
Siberia, Russia-based trout producer taken to court over outstanding liabilities

Murmansk salmon farms go for expansion of production facilities
RUB100 million soft credit to help develop Russia's sturgeon farm at moment of crisis
Modern fish feed producing plant launched Russian regional capital
Launch of rainbow trout hatchery to diminish Russia's dependence on fry supply from Finland
Fish farm to help rebuild valuable whitefish stocks in Siberia
Full-cycle farm for valuable fish species opened in Ukraine
Aquaculture to be transferred from Ministry of Agriculture to Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency
APPENDIX 1: Onboard production of seafood by Russian fishing companies in January-March 2009 as compared to October-December 2008
APPENDIX 2: Catches of Russian fishing companies in January-March 2009 as compared to October-December 2008
APPENDIX 3: Catches of Russian fishing companies in nation's EEZ in January-March 2009
APPENDIX 4: Russian Company Quotas 2009 for research fishery in the seas of the Russian Far East, North and West Basins

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