Apetit Kala Oy's cost-efficiency programme has reached the implementation stage

April 6, 2011 16:49

Apetit Kala Oy, a subsidiary of Lännen Tehtaat plc, launched a cost-efficiency programme in its Finnish Seafood business in February. The aim of this programme is to make significant cuts in fixed costs, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Lannen Tehtaat Plc.

The reorganisation of white-collar positions in sales, financial administration and logistics related to the programme has reached the implementation stage. In order to make better use of Group synergies, Apetit Kala Oy's sales and financial administration functions will be concentrated in the Group's other units. The company's procurement, production and logistics functions will be centralised in Kuopio. The organisational changes will result in the loss of nine jobs in Kuopio and the creation of a total of three jobs in Espoo and Säkylä. These changes will take place by the end of May. Non-recurring costs of about EUR 0.1 million will be recognised in the second-quarter result as a result of the reorganisation of white-collar positions.

In connection with the cost-efficiency programme, a decision was also made not to fill four white-collar positions that have become vacant since the end of last year.

It is estimated that annual savings of about EUR 0.9 million will be achieved with these personnel solutions and by cutting IT, HR and marketing expenses. The impact of these cuts will be felt in full from the start of the second half of the year.

Apetit Kala Oy and its subsidiary, Myrskylän Savustamo Oy, produce, market and sell fresh fish products under the Apetit and Safu brands and under retailers' private labels. Apetit Kala also sells fish, fish products and other fresh products at Kalatori service counters. Taimen Oy, an associated company of Apetit Kala Oy, and its subsidiaries specialise in fish farming and fry and fingerling production. The Group companies form the most efficient fresh-supply chain for rainbow trout on the Finnish market.

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