American companies go for Russian mackerel market

May 4, 2007 17:04

Some American companies are taking trial steps to supply Russian fish market with fresh frozen mackerel. In particular, they offer shipments of up to 200 - 500 tonnes of mackerel monthly for delivery to the port of St. Petersburg.

However according to some Russian importers, the mackerel from North America will hardly find a market in Russia. As they say, this type of mackerel is not suitable for smoking, at least using traditional technologies even though demonstration of the process of smoking in Boston proved its feasability.

Production of canned mackerel from North America's material in the past was not economically profitable because of high prices of the raw material, claimed RFR's sources in the trade.

Some time ago a Moscow-based trade tried to sell this kind of mackerel in Russia but almost failed as selling the mackerel even in relatively small volumes took much time and effort.

Other products

As Russian Fish Report's trading sources say such products from North America as hake, capelin, pink salmon and salmon roe have the best prospects on the Russian market.

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