Ambitious seafood project about to take off in Russian capital

January 31, 2007 16:36

Moscow-based Portkhladokombinat (cold storage combine) is completing development of project documentation for erection of large recreation centre where finfish and other than finfish marine products will play a dominating role. In particular, the company is planning to build fish markets and restaurants as part of the complex. Besides, there will be a yacht club with berths.

The project documentation is supposed to be ready by July later this year and after that the company will be raising the balance of the funds to implement the project.


OOO TPF Portkhladokombinat (ltd) was established on the basis of Moscow-based company Moscow Port Khladokombinat the first stage of which was commissioned on 1 July 1959.

Since 1968, when the second stage of the cold storage combine was built, the company became focused completely on the fishery industry needs and became an important element of the closed fish production cycle: fishing area - port - cold store - consumer.

Portkhladokombinat owns:

  • - food cold storage facilities of 12,000-tonne capacity, including a branch in Khimki near Moscow;
  • - 284-meter berthage for the "river-sea" boats;
  • - Moscow's only live fish cages capable of storing 200 tonnes of live fish at any one time;
  • - processing department producing salted and smoked fish in various packaging, a division for production of laminaria salads and ready to eat fish products.

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