ALDI launches first MSC-certified canned tuna product in Australia

February 11, 2010 09:24

ALDI becomes the first grocery retailer in Australia to introduce a sustainably fished canned tuna product with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel, reports with reference to ALDI.

ALDI's ‘Ocean Rise White Tuna' joins ALDI's existing range of MSC certified canned and frozen seafood products available as part of its grocery range available every day. It will retail for $5.99.

Tom Daunt, ALDI Managing Director ‐ Buying, said: "ALDI is committed to stocking sustainably sourced fish products and is proud to be the first retailer in Australia to offer MSC certified canned tuna.

"The MSC ecolabel means our customers can be sure they are buying fish that is sustainably sourced from a well‐managed fishery; and by making this choice, they are doing their bit to secure the future of the world's oceans.

"Our sustainable seafood range is of the highest quality and the prices represent exceptional value, as we continue to deliver our ‘smarter shopping' promise of high quality products at permanently low

ALDI's Ocean Rise White Tuna is Pacific albacore tuna caught using pole‐and‐line and troll fishing methods, both of which catch the target species almost exclusively, with virtually no other fish unintentionally caught during the process. Pole and troll techniques do not make any contact with the
sea bed, and have no known impact on the wider marine habitat.

MSC's Asia Pacific Commercial Manager Patrick Caleo, welcoming ALDI's ongoing commitment to stocking sustainable seafood, said:

"With more than 220 stores along the east coast of Australia, ALDI is key to the MSC's aim to support good fisheries and promote sustainable consumer choices by helping to bring certified sustainable seafood to market throughout the world."

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