Alaska Salmon Harvest Season Summary

December 9, 2010 10:50

Alaska's 2010 salmon season began on May 13th and ran through the month of October, reports with reference to ASMI.

According to the preliminary estimates for the final 2010 harvest released by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game on November 8th, a total of 168.6 million salmon were harvested--making this the 11th largest harvest since statehood. This year's harvest exceeded the preseason forecast by 31.3 million fish, and it is 1.1 million fish above the most recent 10-year average.

Final landings for the season per species:
Alaska King Salmon: 365,000
Alaska Sockeye Salmon: 40,679,000
Alaska Coho Salmon: 3,948,000
Alaska Keta Salmon: 18,165,000
Alaska Pink Salmon: 105,420,000
The 2010 estimates are preliminary and will be revised by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in 2011.

Alaska is home to five species of wild salmon: king, sockeye, coho, keta, and pink, and Alaska supplies over 90% of the wild salmon harvested in North America.

Announcement of Alaska Crab Harvest Season
Crab season is here! The 2010 harvest season for Alaska's largest crab fisheries opened on October 15th and will extend into March 2011.
The Alaska Bristol Bay red king crab harvest is set at 15 million pounds, representing a decrease from last year's harvest.
The Alaska Bering Sea snow crab harvest is set at 54 million pounds, demonstrating an increase from last year.
The fluctuation in harvest levels point to Alaska's ongoing practice of managing all of its fisheries, ensuring their long term health and sustainability. State and federal fisheries managers continually adjust harvest limits based on the most current available scientific data - a key element within Alaska's model of sustainability.

The history of commercial crab fisheries in Alaska waters extends back to 1930. Today, Alaska fishermen continue the tradition and brave the icy waters of the North Pacific and Bering Sea to harvest Alaska crab for consumers across the country and the world.

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