Alaska pollock Fishermen's Association looking into market implications of season's review

September 17, 2007 16:06

In late September 2007 non-commercial Association of Alaska pollock fishermen gathered in Vladivostok to discuss the proposed Okhotsk pollock fishery division into A and B seasons, preparation for the Second International Fishmermen's Forum and other APO fishery related issues, according to the Association.

The division of the Okhotsk season which has been practiced as a continuous operation has triggered an especially heated discussion because its implementation would considerably reduce pollock roe supply on the market with a part of the quota to be taken later in the autumn on non-roe pollock.

APO Fishermen's Association President Igor Evtushok, the association's Deputy Director Alexander Tashkin, General Director of OAO NBAMR (plc) Sergey Kononyuk, General Director of Preobrazhenie Trawl Fleet Base Arslan Visaidov, General Director of OOO Dalvest (ltd) Alexander Popov, Deputy General Director of OOO Magadanryba (ltd) Georgy Eloshvili, President of JSC ZAO Kamchatimpex and other representatives of the basin's APO fishermen took part in the meeting.

The participants of the meeting listened to the reports of the working groups preparing draft laws and normative documents. The reports covered fishery monitoring issues, proposals of measures against illegal fishery and those of increasing the companies' efficiency, etc.

The participants approved a decision of the Association's Council as to include to its members' list OOO Polluks (ltd) and JSC ZAO Koryakryba and exclude from the list OAO Pilenga (plc) and Imeni Lenina fishing co-op. Besides, the meeting discussed establishment of an auditing commission and other issues.

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