Agrimarine’s Tank Assembly Now Complete

November 12, 2010 10:54

AgriMarine Holdings Inc., a leader in floating closed containment technology and production for sustainable aquaculture, is pleased to report on progress at its fresh water closed containment fish rearing facility in Benxi, China, reports with reference to AgriMarine Holdings Inc.

The Company announces that the third of a series of commercial closed containment rearing tanks is now assembled and installed. The tank will now undergo commissioning to test its life support systems, including oxygen and waste recovery systems. The tank will then be stocked with Chinook salmon from Canadian ova, marking the first time that this type of Pacific salmon will be grown in closed containment in Chinese waters.

Native to the Pacific coast of North America, Chinook salmon are highly valued in the commercial and sport fishing industries and are prized in the restaurant trade for their large size and excellent table and sashimi qualities. "We selected Chinooks as the best salmon species to introduce to the Chinese market as they thrive in fresh water", said Sean Wilton, President of Benxi AgriMarine. "Our tanks give us a critical edge as we can regulate water temperature, shorten the rearing period and allow the fish to survive the warm water of summer and the freezing temperatures of winter, which would be impossible for net cage operators to replicate."

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