Agreement Reached between WWF and Vietnamese Government on sustainable production of Pangasius

December 15, 2010 14:02

Following a meeting between WWF Global Seafood Leader, Dr. Mark Powell, and the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Vietnamese industry representatives, agreement was reached on working together to achieve certified sustainable production of pangasius in Vietnam, reports with reference to WWF.

The meeting was attended by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam General Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Export and Import Department of Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Press Department, Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, as well as the Vietnam Fisheries Association.

As part of this agreement, and in recognition of the Vietnamese government's commitment to seeking sustainability certification of Vietnam's pangasius production, WWF will place pangasius in a new category in its popular seafood guide: "Moving Towards Certification."

WWF's "Moving Towards Certification" category will mean that WWF will encourage seafood buyers to continue buying pangasius to support the transition. WWF's Mark Powell said, "The new category is intended to indicate an improving trend in the pangasius aquaculture sector. Additionally, WWF will commit to seek funding for certification processes."

WWF produces seafood guides to advise seafood buyers on the sustainability of important seafood items. WWF's goal is to encourage certified sustainable production of seafood to reduce harmful environmental impacts.

"WWF stands behind our existing seafood assessments, and we are creating this additional category to support ongoing efforts to improve seafood sustainability.  WWF is pleased to have a strong shared commitment with the government of Vietnam and the pangasius industry to achieve certified sustainable production", stated Mark Powell.

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