African fish importer rush for Russian Far East export products to affect interests of Chinese processors and European buyers

May 19, 2011 11:27
Export from Russian Far East in May has been  marked with rising activity of African buyers, perhaps, to bring about major consequences for processors in China and buyers in Europe.  There were some other interesting developments despite the fact that May-June is the lowest season for exporters from Pacific Russia.

Pollock and its products

African buyers literally woke up.  Somehow they realized that this year there will be no northern blue whiting for them, and all the major buyers are in rush trying to take APO WR.  They've forgotten their previous demand for the fish to be packed into cartons, and move price up.  It's possible this year there will be not much double frozen fillet for Europe and much product for China to process.

The major season for APO catch was over a month ago, on April, 10 when catch in Sea of Okhotsk was banned.  A bit later catch at East Sakhalin zone was continued.  However, pollock delivery to Chinese and Korean ports is still underway.  As usual, at the end of the A-season prices went up, and crossed psychologically important threshold $1,400 for MT of HG 25+ cm even for lots "below average" quality.  They are there even now. 

APO fillet prices

APO Fillet prices were partially discussed in Brussels but have not been fixed yet.  There is a feeling that sea frozen fillet price will be very much the same as half a year ago, and double frozen - at level 2950-3050. 


Fishmeal problem is still in place.  China started issuing import permissions, and most companies who received them are related in some way with Pacific Andes Group.  Maybe, it is a coincidence.

Pollock roe

Pollock roe sales situation is described in details in a special article.


Many vessels caught herring at the end of April.  Most fish has been sold to China at $750-810 CFR.  As far as we know, greater part of the product final destination is Nigeria.

Other species

Summer is coming, and other objects are being harvested.  Sea urchin, halibut, skates are supplied to China and Korea in small volumes.

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