AEON increases its range of MSC labeled products in Japan

May 26, 2010 15:08

A wider range of MSC eco-labeled products was launched on 22 May across 1,200 stores of AEON, a Japanese retailing giant. At a press event, AEON announced the roll out of the new range of MSC eco-label products, specifically chosen to coincide with the International bio-diversity day to further demonstrate AEON's commitment to promote sustainable seafood. AEON has been a committed supported of certified sustainable seafood since the first launch of its first MSC certified products in November 2006 of 10 products at 660 stores, reports with reference to MSC.

From this Saturday, 17 new products will be made available at Jusco, Saty, MaxValu, AEON super centers, and other stores throughout the country under the TOPUVALU private brand. The new range includes salted mackerel (Shio-saba) and salmon roe products (Sujiko) from Alaska .
What AEON says

"By widening a range of "TOPVALU" products bearing the MSC eco-label, we offer our customers more opportunities to select seafood sourced from sustainable and well-managed fisheries. We believe this clearly shows our concerns towards global environmental issues, and also demonstrates our efforts for making contribution to conservation of seafood stocks and bio-diversity.  We will continue providing our consumers with wider selections of environmentally friendly products to promote sustainable seafood for the future"
What MSC says

Kozo Ishii, Program Director of MSC Japan office says, "We welcome the expansion of MSC labeled products by AEON and their continued commitment and effort to support bio-diversity conservation. The increased range of MSC certified products in such an important retailer will significantly improve the awareness of the MSC ecolabel with Japanese consumers and provide them opportunity to recognize and reward fisheries that have demonstrated their sustainability against the world's most rigorous, science based standard. I would like to thank AEON for their commitment to the MSC programme and for their on-going support."

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