Additional Profit with a Skinner BAADER 54 to get a separate fat layer from your Sockeye Fillet for Omega3

April 1, 2010 09:13

The BAADER 54 was specially designed for Alaska Pollack and is now also available for skinning Sockeye, reports with reference to Baader.

BAADER 54 produces a high quality skinned fillet at highest yield. With a deep skin cut after the shallow skinning you can gain additional profit. You will get a separate fat layer which can be used e.g. for gaining Omega3 fatty acid.

A change between shallow skinning and deep skinning takes only minutes. One special feature of this machine is that the skinned fillet leaves the machine stretched out and separated from each other for further processing. No manual straightening is necessary for further processing.

Lübeck, Germany - BAADER offers complete processing solutions to the industry - from gutting, heading, filleting, skinning, trimming, final inspection to sizing and grading. After the merger with LINCO Food Systems the BAADER Group is now able to provide our customers with total solutions in food equipment. The BAADER group focus development on solutions for modern fish processing with a commitment to quality in all phases of the process. Our mission is to assist our customers worldwide in providing safe food to all consumers in an efficient and responsible way.

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