Active cooperation of Russian processors boosting product range

October 27, 2010 11:14
Saint-Petersburg-based OAO ROK-1 (plc), one of the largest processors in Russia's Northwest, has entered into a cooperation agreement with another processor in order to expand the product range and boost sales of ROK-1 products in Central Russia, reports (

More specifically, ROK-1 has signed an agreement with ZAO EST (closed jsc) based in Kursk Region in the centre of Russia. The latter processor produces such value-added products as vacuum-packed smoked products, capelin roe in glass jar, etc and the agreement is aimed at expanding its product range towards better supply of the region's consumers with fresh products made in compliance with all the standards of the ROK-1 label. Evidently ROK-1 also works on saving logistics costs, however the company underlines that its main challenge is to boost its presence in retail network of Central Russia.

According to experts, such cooperation will be mutually beneficial. For ROK-1 it means cost reduction, delivery problems solution, expansion of product range and opportunity to carry out contract obligations on product delivery to large retail chains. For EST it will first of all lead to load of its processing facilities with guaranteed product sales.

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