Aboriginal communities to harvest in excess of 6000 metric tons of salmon

July 3, 2008 15:50

Kamchatka Territory completed allocation of quotas for capture of Pacific salmon for small aboriginal peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East for the current year 2008. The total volume of quotas allocated for those peoples amounted to nearly 6400 tonnes, according to Fishnews.

The quotas were distributed between 165 communities of Kamchatka and amounted to 6396.5 tonnes. More specifically, the communities of ex-Koryak Autonomous District (which is now a part of Kamchatka Territory) are allowed to harvest 629.95 tonnes in the West Kamchatka subarea and 1926.3 tonnes in the Karaginsk subarea. The communities based in ex-Kamchatka Oblast are allowed to harvest 106.7 tonnes in the West Kamchatka subarea and 179.2 tonnes in the Petropavlovsk Komandor subarea.

According to Kamchatka Ministry of Fisheries, the above mentioned volumes include not only salmon quotas for economical activity, but also for direct consumption. In 2008 small aboriginal peoples of Kamchatka Territory are allowed to harvest salmon for direct consumption without getting special permits.

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