A Tasty Addition to the Popular Icelandic Line of Yuengling Lager Battered Products: The Extra Large 11 oz Haddock

January 25, 2011 15:30

Newport News, Va. - Icelandic USA is very pleased to introduce the new 11 oz Haddock Yuengling Lager battered product to the Icelandic Brand line of Yuengling Lager, battered seafood products. Icelandic and D.G. Yuengling & Son, America's Oldest Brewery since 1829, began their partnership to create delicious, satisfying, classic battered seafood in 2007, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to Icelandic USA.

The pre-portioned, 11 oz Haddock is made from premium white and flaky Haddock, dipped in an authentic classic Yuengling Lager batter, and is a natural portion of North Atlantic 100% skinless, boneless Haddock. The fillets have a made from scratch appearance but are conveniently prepared. If fried, a fillet is ready in seven minutes, in 15 to 25 minutes when baked. "We are very pleased with the addition of the 11 oz Haddock. It is a superior product and a delicious addition to our Yuengling Lager battered seafood line. We know chefs and kitchen staff will welcome the convenience and ease of preparation and customers will enjoy the hearty seafood option," says Jim Papadakis, Director of Marketing.

The 11 oz size is ideal for a restaurant wishing to round out the menu and offer customers a satisfying seafood alternative. Serving suggestions include an entrée, Captain's Platter or an impressive sandwich. In addition to the 11 oz Haddock extra large serving, Icelandic USA offers a variety of products in their Yuengling Lager product line including Lager battered Shrimp, Scallops and additional Haddock fillets in smaller sizes.

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