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Forum / News / Soybean/Soy Bean/Soya Bean Meal With High Protein

January 31, 2021 11:32


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Fish Meal Animal Feed Specification

1.manufacturer price:$350/Ton
3.Whatsapp Number:+90 552 679 6714

Protein: 46% min
Fat: 2%
Moisture:10% max
Ash: 6%
Acid insolubles: 0.3% max
Broken pellets and or meal acceptable Upto 80%
TVBN 50mg/100 gms max
Fiber: 6% max
Aflatoxin: 20 ppb max
Total count: 5* 10^5 max
Salmonella Absent in 25 gms
Mould colong 5*10^5 max
E.coli Absent in 0.1 gms
Packing - 25 Kg or 50 Kg pp bag
Printing bag - As per the buyer needs
Loading capacity of the container - 20 ft container (26 Mt)

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