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Forum / Seafood import and export problems / International Shipping of seafoods to Trinidad and Tobago

February 7, 2021 04:31

Lavon Cain

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Good day,

I'm looking for seafood exporters to ship to Trinidad & Tobago for business purposes

*King crab
*Callosal king crab
*Snow crab
*Black mussels
*Blue mussels

Thank you
March 25, 2021 07:35

Jan GiangNguyen

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I'm Jan, I'm from Vietnam, It's pleasure to meet you. We're exporting pangasius fish to worldwide, we have whole round fish, skin, fillet...etc. If you're interested about this, please let me know, we're gonna have a good deal !

Mr: Jan
WhatsApp: +84909 29 0078

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