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Forum / Seafood import and export problems / CHP/China leading seafoods Supplier Tilapia, APO, HAKE, Red fish, Red Shrimp, Squid tube,Seafood mix,and so on.

September 1, 2011 11:00


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Squid tube
IQF,cleaned U10,10kg/ctn 5%or10% glazing
Alaska Pollock
IQF,S/L , PBI, Size:4-6oz,6-8oz,8oz+ 10kg/ctn 5%or10% glazing
Seafood mix
Blanched squid strip 10%
Blanched squid tentacles length 2-5cm 20%
Blanched octopus leg cut, length 2-4cm 20%
Blanched red pud shrimp, size: 300/500 15%
Cooked mussel meat, size: 300/500 25%
Tilapia Fillets, Sashi Mi Grade (Izumidai) ,
Boned, Shallow Skinned, Co Treated, Ivp, Chemical Free, 100%NW
Blanched squid ring 10%
Pacific HAKE
IQF,S/O , PBI, Size 6-8oz, 8oz+ 10kg/ctn
CHOSO (Vannaimei)
IQF, 5Kg/ctn bulk pack

Welcome to your inquiry about seafoods to me
September 1, 2011 20:39

Saiful Islam

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Dear Terry,

Thnx for your posting in

I am an agent from Bangladesh. I am contacting you to check possibilities to source Bangladesh origin Black Tiger (Penaeus Monodon) and Fresh Water prawn (Macrobrachium Rosenbergii) for the region of your choice.

I appreciate you to let me know your demand specs like Species, Sizes, [HLSO/ EZP/ PDTO], [IQF/ Block Frozen/ Semi-IQF], Packing, Port of Destination, Payment etc. to enable in offering some quality seafood for your esteemed company.

Pls find out our BT offer to main ports in EU for your kind consideration:

1) IQF-BTHLSO / HLSO-EZ-Peel, Pack: 10 X 1 kg (800 gm. net), F/C
13/ 15 = 1,800 MC ... USD 12.30/ kg C&F
16/ 20 = 1,800 MC ... USD 10.30/ kg C&F

2) IQF-BTHLSO / HLSO-EZ-Peel, Pack: 10 X 1 kg (800, R/C
16/20 = 1,800 MC ... USD 12.30/ kg C&F
21/25 = 1,800 MC ... USD.10.30/ kg C&F

Shipment: Within 25 days from the date of confirmation.
Payment: By 60 days L/C subject to EU Health Clearance.

Also check this offer as well for Asian port(s):

1. BT HLSO IQF 100% NW NC 1x10 kg Bulk
16/20 373 MC USD 16.75/ kg
21/40 369 MC USD 16.30/ kg

2. BT HOSO Semi-IQF 80% NW FC 10x1 kg
16/20 364 MC USD 8.80/ kg
21/40 220 MC USD 6.70/ kg

3. BT PND Cooked IQF 100% NW NC 10x1 kg Bulk
31/40 166 MC USD 12.65/ kg

Total: 1,492 MC; Brand: COSMOS
Payment: LC @ site

Should there is a query then I would be happy to answer that. Pls let me know. We look forward to ways as to how we can excel together. You may refer this offer to any other party interested in shrimp import from Bangladesh.

Best regards,

Saiful Islam

Seafood Sourcing Agent
Jahanara Corporation
House 14 (1st Floor)
Road 7, Sector 3
Uttara, Dhaka 1230
Mobile: +88 01713013139
Tel: +88 02 8953376
Fax: +88 02 8833425
Yahoo IM ID: sislam_relisource
April 17, 2018 20:59


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Dear Sir / Ma

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If Interested kindly contact me

Martin Steffens


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