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Established in April 2017 (OGRN: 1177746399731, INN: 7707383270, KPP:  770701001).

In 2017 LLC DPC acquired ENIGMA ASTRALIS trawler (formerly named ADALSTEINN JONSSON) .

The trawler is equipped with modern midwater trawling Atlantika-1440 and automated filleting machine BAADER.
СРТМ «Энигма Астралис» Дальневосточная Промысловая компания

The processing technology is absolutely identical to the high quality of western producers and unique for Russia. Such trawler and capacities are the only ones available in Russia.
Starting from 2018 LLC DPC plans to obtain the third part of mackerel and ivasi production volume in the country. That is capture of about 25-30 th.tons of mackerel, herring and sardine per year.


Execution of all technological operations aboard Enigma Astralis quickly and efficiently provides the delivery of high-quality products.

Being equipped with modern and qualitative equipment, the trawler enables to overprovide continuous technological operations without delay of raw and semi-finished products being delivered from one operation to another up to the finished product stage.

All technological conditions are strictly observed at each stage/operation in compliance with HACCP ISO 22000:2005 system adopted in the company.
Процесс производства Дальневосточная Промысловая компания
Lack of mechanical impact on raw product at all fishery, storage and processing stages, as well as uniquely quick processing of raw product are achieved by applying the advanced ultimately automated equipment. As a result maximum slowdown of biochemical processes is provided at all technological stages, that is why even after defrosting original firm texture of fish flesh is preserved. Lack of human factor in the most important technological processes as well as strict observance of HACCP system enable to provide the product of exclusive quality, exceeding the highest standards.

Процесс производства Дальневосточная Промысловая компания

1.  Fish Capture, Delivery Onboard
Our trawler performs capture of pelagic species by trawling. Modern midwater trawling Atlantika-1440, specially designed for this vessel, overprovides the required volume of raw fish. Fish pocket is not delivered onboard  in contrast to standard vessels, thus avoiding any mechanical impact on raw fish.
To deliver the harvest onboard, fish pumps are used to preserve all original qualities of raw fish.

2. Raw Fish Storage

Removed from trawl net, raw fish comes through fish pump to  RSW storage tank filled with disinfected sea water, where a separate refrigerator unit maintains temperature at the level of -1°С. The most important thing is that the computer system keeps raw fish/water ratio 1:2, in contrast to bulk storage of raw fish in storage tanks of standard vessels. It is the ratio and temperature mode at all storage and processing stages that provide European quality of the finished product.

3. Washing, Sorting

Through vacuum pumps the raw fish is automatically delivered to receiving and supply tank of the processing shop where the ratio is still preserved. Vacuum delivery of raw fish prevents from mechanical impact on raw fish.  Then raw fish comes to automated sorting machine for further sorting by size. Afterwards raw fish comes to supply tanks of BAADER filleting machine, where the ratio is still preserved. The important aspect is that the computer system provides the supply of strictly rated volume of raw fish, required for current capacity of the cutting machine, thus the human factor is eliminated.

4. Filleting

Filleting is done by automated BAADER filleting equipment. Specialized machinery is providing raw fish supply without involvement of service personnel. The machine is set for specific fish type,  providing high processing accuracy and stability. The machines are equipped with customized vacuum system of viscera removal, that provides exclusive quality of beheaded fish for the Russian market.

5. Inspection

Inspection of gutted fish (fillet) is done manually in compliance with operating specification.
Then the inspected semi-finished product is delivered to the freezing shop.

6. Weighting, Packing Into Block Forms

Freezing shop operates in automated mode (2 work places). When required, additional washing and running-off of semi-finished product are done in compliance with the set time parameters.  Weighting machine automatically supplies onto the scales the required volume of raw fish, performs block weighting according to the set parameters. 2 workers are providing hermetically-sealed packing of product into bags made of high-density polyethylene followed by product putting into block forms. Hermetical sealing of product into high-density polyethylene bags before freezing provides further increased storage time and observance of high sanitary standards.

7. Freezing

Fish freezing is done without involvement of workers in four plate ODIM freezers (autofreezers) by contact method. Autofreezers operate according to the set time parameters until the temperature in the block reaches not higher than -18°С; we set temperature parameter at the level of -25°С.

As soon as the freezing process is over, block forms containing the frozen fish are stored into horizontal boxes, without defrosting. Lack of block forms defrosting is also the most important factor of high quality. Removal of frozen blocks out of block forms is completely automated.

8. Packing, Labelling

Blocks of frozen fish in high-density polyethylene bags  are delivered to automated packing ODIM machine, where each two blocks are put into carton box with laminated coating of total net weight of 24 – 25 kg (depending on fish type and filleting). Then the box is delivered to automated strapping machine where it is strapped by  polypropylene band in two places. Then the strapped box is delivered to automated labelling machine where it is labelled with thermal label.

9. Storage

Storage of the finished frozen fish product is done into refrigerator fish storage hold, the capacity of which is 900 tons of the finished product. Storage temperature is not higher than minus 25°С.

Air temperature control into refrigerator fish storage hold is done by means of sensors of the automated system, registering finished product storage temperature (logometric data), set at a distance in 8 locations. Logometric data for any storage period may be provided.

3 Types of Product:
•Deep frozen herring butterfly fillets processed at sea;
•Deep frozen whole mackerel;
•Deep frozen whole Far Eastern sardine (ivasi).

Sales for 2018 are planned based on finished products volume, produced by Enigma Astralis vessel; sales for 2019 provide 20-25% growth.

Specification For Products, Provided By MFFT Enigma Astralis
-Pacific double herring butterfly fillets

 - L (6-10) pcs/kg – average size of fillet is 140-150 grams.

 - Mackerel beheaded 300+ grams

 - Mackerel whole

   А. 200-400 grams, next grade - 400-600 grams
   Б. 200-300 grams, next grade - 300-600 grams
 - Ivasi whole - 2 specifications:

   А. 70-110 grams, next grade - 110-160 grams.
   Б. 100-160 grams of one grade.
Packing: two blocks, 12 kg net each, in a box

Cooperation on buying-selling fish products is based upon contract signed by both parties.

Contract terms provide the delivery of fish products for the total amount based upon the preliminarily agreed price or specific volume according to floating price as per Incoterms 2010.

The payment is done in USD or Russian Rubles as per the exchange rate on the date of payment as advance payment of 100% to the Supplier’s account, or L/C  upon provision of:
•Certificate of origin;
•Bill of lading;
•Consignment note
All bank expenses related to payment transfer to Supplier’s account are covered by the Buyer. All bank expenses related to funds crediting to the account are covered by the Supplier.

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