Company NBAMR, PAO (Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base) INN: 2508007948

Company NBAMR, PAO (Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base)

INN: 2508007948

NBAMR is established in 1952. Through its impressive history the concern has accumulated a huge experience of operating in all the areas of the Pacific Ocean. The dynamic integrated company, which employs a workforce of more than 3000 people, majors in sea fishery, processing and product sales both on the Russian market and on the markets of the Western Europe and Asian-Pacific countries.


NBAMR vessels annually harvest over 150,000 tonnes of finfish and other aquatic species accounting for more than 10% of the total catch in the Russian Far East Basin and ca.30% of the total catch in Vladivostok-led Primorsky Krai Territory. The whole year round the company's vessels operate on the grounds of ecologically clean Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk, as well as off the Kurile Islands and the eastern coast of Japan. The main commercial species are Alaska pollock, herring, squid, Atka mackerel and longfin codling Laemonema.

According to independent research sources, PJSC NBAMR (plc) is an undisputable leader among fishing companies of the Russian Far East in terms of the scope of its economic activity. In particular, the company's shares in the total catch of squid and longfin codling correspondingly amount to 45% and 70% (including catches under the intergovernmental agreements in the Japanese EEZ).

Fishing fleet

The company's fishing fleet consists of 17 large and 2 middle vessels. Its 15 vessels are registered by the EU Commission and have the approval to export their products to the EU States.

Establishments and Vessels with EU Approval:

  • EU No. 24K, Klimovo (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 25K Izumrudnyy (Freezer vessel)
  • EU No. 26K Kapitan Maslovets (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 39K Nicolay Chepik (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 64K, Kalinovo (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 65K, Ilya Konovalov (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 77A, Mekhanik Bryzgalin (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 81A, Astronom (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 82A, Pelagial (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 56K, Dmitriy Pashchenko (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 57K, Aleksandr Belyakov (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 58K, Kapitan Faleyev (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 62K, Dolomit (Factory vessel)
  • EU No. 63K, Grafit (Factory vessel)

Seven of the trawlers produce Alaska pollock fillets and mince, five vessels produce processed squid and three vessels produce processed finfish and squid. All of the company's vessels are equipped with efficient ecologically safe fishing gear, the necessary fish finding and radio-navigation aids as well as with modern highly productive fish processing plant.


In the year 2006 seven vessels underwent complete refurbishment of fish factories for the output of products meeting European quality standards. The factories were fitted with modern equipment of BAADER GmbH (Germany), which supplied filleting, skinning and mincing machines and electronic scales, freezers with hydraulic block lifting, etc. As a result of the refit, the onboard processing cycle has become practically fully automated to boost productivity, quality and cost efficiency.

Quality assurance

NBAMR has been paying much attention to quality assurance issues and its highly modern production facilities process eco-clean raw materials.

The company's vessels are operating a self-control quality assurance system based on the HACCP principles. Along with the automated control of the production cycle, the onboard technologists will also continuously check the product quality for compliance with the Russian and the EU standards. The samples taken from each product lot are sent for microbiological testing. The system has been introduced because it is a compulsory condition of trade in the EU and it is instrumental in increasing NBAMR's competitiveness on the international market.

The company runs own accredited quality test centre. Its laboratories are outfitted with the newest devices to check fish, fish and food products, industrial produce as well as food and agricultural raw and natural drinking water used in onshore processing.

In 2006 the quality test centre of PJSC NBAMR (plc) was checked by the EU Commission and Russia's National Center of Quality and Safety of Fishery Products (National Fish Quality for short) who confirmed that the centre has been conducting the tests according to compulsory requirements of the EU Standard and in compliance with all the directives of the EU.

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