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Sweetwater kingdom

We are owner of 15 rainbow trout farms which located in all around iran

And 2 vannamie shrimp farms which located in south of iran 

Our company has an export license to russia and European union 


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Rainbow trout  Add to Enquiry Basket
Date of placement: June 12, 2020
Size: 400 gr to 800 gr , 1 kg to up
Weight of packaging: 20 kg
Species: Trout
Product category: Freshfrozen, frozen fish and seafood
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SELL: Rainbow trout / June 14, 2020 12:09
Hello Dear all I'm here to offer you our products Our main product is rainbow trout and vannamie shrimp You can contact me for more information by WhatsApp: +989381096736 Email :
SELL: Rainbow trout / June 14, 2020 11:48
Hello Dear I'm writing to you to offer our company products We are owner of 15 rainbow trout farms and few fishing ships 1_ Ribbon fish ( Seafrozen) 2_ Ribbon fish( Land FROZEN ) 3_ Cuttlefish 4_ Lizard fish 5_ Queen fish 6_ Indian Mackerel 7_ Sardinia 8_ Crab 9_♡♡ rainbow trout ♡♡ 10_ ♡♡salmon trout♡♡ 11 _ shrimp 12 _((♡♡ fish & pet ♡♡))feeds 13 _

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