Company Hai Vuong Group, AG INN: 4200283793

Company Hai Vuong Group, AG

INN: 4200283793

Our main product is:

Tuna: Loin/Steak/Saku/Portion

Marlin: Loin Skin-On, Loin Skinless, Steak

Oilfish: HGT/ Fillet

Swordfish: DWT, Loin

Mahi Mahi: HGT, Fillet, Portion

My email address is

We think you could be interested in our product for some reason: 

1. We have 20 years of experience in the Tuna Industry. 

2. We are the biggest manufacturer in the Tuna Industry in Vietnam, 5 factories are processing at this moment. 

3. We exported to 50 more countries & territories worldwide. 

4. Our price and quality are still stable and received a lot of orders from big customers. 


For more information, please access our website: 

If you need any support, please feel free to contact me any time via Skype: td.shinHV Whatsapp/Viber/Phone Number: +84 941355667 

Thank you!

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