Edgestone Worldwide SAS is an EU registered import and export procurement company. We are a small, friendly and efficient emerging company situated in Strasbourg, France.

Edgestone Worldwide SAS provides overall conventional food stuff/supermarket products and equally a well certified importer of organic food products. We partner with farmers and food manufacturers to take their products global.

Our export/sales team has the knowledge and expertise to lead a successful local and international expansion plan including sales and distribution in several markets.

We also partner with key suppliers as well as selected producers of unique, specialty food products that provide clients worldwide with the highest standards of quality at the most competitive price. We oversee the process from the field to its final destination, in order to guarantee quality and consistency.

Our goal is to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality, and scalable solutions, and create rich brand experiences for all our customers across the globe. Our high quality and Best Seller snacking, beverage products, seafood and more certainly have great sales outlook because of customer’s satisfaction.

Our products perform well in hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, small gourmet stores and HORECA channels. We are experienced distributors that value our products, clients, share our values, and believe in a long-term relationship. Our scope of supply includes, but is by no means limited to, healthy food products (organic/Demeter & conventional), and general ingredients.

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Evelyne Lagarde
  International Sales Manager
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