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M F K International Co.

Our Website:-

           M F K International Co. (Pakistan)

We are able to supply of the following Quality Products on regular basis from Pakistan.

  1. Indian Mackerel, (Simi IQF)
  2. Ribbon Fish (W/R,HGT, IQF, IWP,& Shatter pack),
  3. Cuttle Fish,
  4. Blue swimming & 3spot crabs (W/R & Half Cut),
  5. T.T, Silver, Yellow Crocker,
  6. Conger EEL Fish, (W/R & Fillet),
  7. Tongue Sole.
  8. Reef Cod, (W/R IQF, IWP & Fillet)
  9. Sardine Fish, (Simi IQF)
  10. Mullet Fish, (Simi IQF)
  11. Horse Mackerel,
  12. Lizard Fish,
  13. Anchovy Fish,
  14. Scad Fish, (Big Eyes)
  15. Squid, (W/R)
  16. Bombay Duck,
  17. Cat Fish, (W/R & Fillet)
  18. H/On and PUD shrimps,
  19. Shells meat (Razor, Top, Baby claim ) 
  20. Salted Jelly Fish.


We offer our best quality products with competitive price.

Types of business

Product types

We are quality supplier of frozen seafood's from Pakistan. We offer as bellow frozen products. RIBBON FISH, (CUTLASS FISH, Hair tail Fish, Belt Fish, Tachivo, Tachiuo (Whole & HGT IQF IWP) We offer the best quality products and competitive in the prices.
Available Frozen Silver,T.T, Yellow Crocker. All products whole Round Frozen. Size: 50/100, 100/150, 150/200, 200/300, 300/UP. Packing. 5Kg X2= 10Kg M/C. Origin. Pakistan. Quantity. 80.Tons Plus per Month. For more inquiry please contact as bellow. MFK International Co.
We are regular supplier of frozen seafood’s from Pakistan. We are looking reliable buyer of as bellow products on regular basis. Available. WHITE SHRIMPS, HOSO,HLSO PUD. PINK SHRIMPS, HOSO,HLSO,PUD. BROWN SHRIMPS HOSO, HLSO, PUD. We offer good quality products and competitive in the prices.

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