Company Flotoceanproduct MSK, LLC INN: 7707787184

Company Flotoceanproduct MSK, LLC

INN: 7707787184

The group of companies JSC «Eridan», JSC «Strelets», JSC «Taurus» are the Russian enterprises dealing with industrial fishing in different regions of the world ocean and promoting their products under the following brand names: «Eurofish» and «Rybnoe menu». Earlier these companies had following names «MTF1», «MTF2», «MTF3», «MTF4». They were established in 1997 and the Murmansk Trawl Fleet was their beginning which also is progenitor of quite a number of fish industry enterprises of the North.

The main production force of the Fleet are fishing vessels which are actively fishing in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, in shore of the Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, in the bank of Reykjanesskagi, in shore of Eastern Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and also in the international waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Every year the ships of the Fleet fish out more than 150 thousand tons of fish, and it produces more than 120 thousand tons of different fish products from this fish. The 60 % of the products are exported to the countries of near and far abroad and the 40% of the products are sold in the inner market.

The main sorts of trade objects are cod, haddock, horse mackerel, mackerel, sardine, sardinella, Atlantic herring, blue whiting, catfish, plaice, redfish, halibut, capelin, saithe.

Besides the frozen fish production of different types of cutting, more than one million of cans of cod liver are also produced by the Fleet (all this volume is made on board the vessels in a fishing area).

The range of products is expanded; new types of packing for frozen products and can industry are introduced.

The Fleet pays a big attention to modernization and technical reequipment of the fishing vessels. The first ship at which new techniques and technologies were used was RTM M-0009 «Vasiliy Lozovskiy». After analyzing thoroughly the contemporary foreign technologies, the Fleet specialists made a conclusion that there was a way to achieve cardinal improvement of frozen fish quality. The introduced modernization gave a chance to get good results of the work. Then 2 vessels, M-0010 «Kapitan Bogomolov» and M-0003 «Alexander Mironenko» were reequipped in such a way.

Now the fish factories of many vessels are reequipped: vertical freezing plants, packing and labeling complexes are installed (they considerably facilitate seaman labour), tanks for fish raw product and ready frozen fish products storing are enlarged that caused the productivity increase and the improvement of the ready product quality. Thus nameplate capacity of the vessels of the type «Moonzund» was 63 ton per 24 hours. Now it is increased up to 209-250 tons per 24 hours.

The vessel of bottom fishing M-0269 «Strelets» was bought in 2007. It is equipped in a modern technology. The vessel MK-0411 «Taurus» was built in 2014 and now it is successfully fishing cod and haddock.

This group of companies has been actively taking part in exhibitions, every year it hangs their products at the international, domestic, branch and regional exhibitions, such as «European Seafood Exposition» (Belgium, Brussels), «Seafood Russia» (Moscow), «World Food Moscow» (Moscow), «Interfish» (Moscow), «Prodexpo» (Moscow), «Inrybprom» (Saint-Petersburg), «Peterfood» (Saint-Petersburg), «Sea. Resources. Technologies» (Murmansk), «North Charm» (Murmansk) and others.

Cans «Cod liver po-murmanski» took a silver medal for its quality in the competition «Quality mark of XXI».

We are the repeated winners of the competition «The Hundred of the best products of Russia» (Moscow). Thus, «Cod liver po-murmanski» became an honorable laureate of this competition in 2009. Within the scope of competition in the VIIth International Exhibition «Peterfood 2009» (Saint Petersburg) the cans «Cod liver po-murmanski» took the gold medal.

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